Jennifer Shepardson gets to know professional bull rider Sean Willingham just a few weeks before the PBR Buck the Island event.


Sean gives Jenny a few bull riding tips and she tries it out on the mechanical bull.


Video Journalists Jennifer Shepardson and Waldo Cabrera


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Video Journalist Waldo Cabrera


Featured Interviews:


Val Badurski, Choral Director, Brentwood North Middle School


Rosanne Cavanagh, Vice Principal, Brentwood North Middle School


Julia Spadaro, Annie, Annie Jr.


Max Cabrera, Oliver Warbucks, Annie Jr.


Erin Wolynetz, Molly, Annie Jr.


Berenice Jurado, Tessie, Annie Jr.


Kiara Coss, Lily, Annie Jr.


Matthew Gengler, Principal, Brentwood North Middle School


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