Congressional Candidate Patricia Maher (D) TV Interview (FiOS1 News)

We sit down for a one-on-one interview with Congressional candidate Patricia Maher.

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By Video Journalists John Owens & Waldo Cabrera

We discuss local politics with Congressional Candidate Patricia Maher as she runs for election in New York's 2nd District.

Maher prides herself on being a "non-politician," which helps her better connect with and represent the people in her community.

She talks about some of the biggest issues for Long Islanders right now: many are still not back in their homes after Hurricane Sandy, there are not enough jobs, and still not enough money in today's economy for community relief.  She proposes that the government create new jobs in high technology and infrastructure, and reduce property taxes.

Featured Interviews:
John Owens, Editor-in-Chief, Anton Community Newspapers
Patricia Maher, Candidate, NY 2nd Congressional District

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